Military – Moving to Guam

Pcsing to Guam?

Let me take the stress out of your PCS.



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Since 1997 when I started my real estate career, I have worked with all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and have had the privilege to work with from the Newly Enlisted to Commanding Officers.  
Having 3 brothers in the military, 2 in the Air Force and 1 in the Navy, who have all retired, I am proud to work with military members moving to Guam and make your Guam move a smooth transition as possible.  I have worked with every housing office counselor and will be there to conduct your move in inspections and assure that your new home will be ready for your military inspections. 
For off base housing, I will do my best to keep your house-hunting criterias within your OHA
Chances are, I have probably worked with your future coworkers already in Guam as I have worked with almost every squadron.

What is your OHA?

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To determine your OHA or for a quick reference, see below:
  • E-1 to E4  =  $1980.00 and $2200.00 with dependents. 
  • E-5 to E-8  =  $2205.00 and $2450 with dependents.
  • E-9  =  $2340.00 and $2600 with dependents.
  • O-1 to O-3  =  $2205.00 and $2450.00 with dependents.
  • O-4  =  $2340.00, and $2600.00 with dependents.
  • O-5  =  $2520.00 and $2800.00 with dependents.
  • O-6  =  $2610.00 and $2900.00 with dependents.


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Isle Properties Realty Guam is here to make your relocation to Guam as smooth and painless as possible. We're here to help with all your relocation needs, whether it’s pointing you in the right direction to get the information you need, or helping you find schools for the kids, arranging transportation, picking up your car from the port, or finding a permanent residence to lease or purchase.